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April Meetings and Events
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April 16th
Raising Bees and Making Nucleus Colonies


April 18th
Earth Day
Virginia Living Museum


April 18th
Yard Day
Hampton and Gloucester


April 21st
Monthly Meeting


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NewBees Corner


Information listed here is for the new beekeepers looking for guidance on what beekeeping chores are to be considered now:


For information on Spring Feeding - supplemental feeding of sugar syrup and/or pollen substitute check out this link: Michael Bush on Feeding


For information on Hive Reversing check out these links: Winter Feeding Success! Hive Reversal & Checkerboarding
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms - Lesson 93


So you've found queen cells in your colony. Here's a link to how you might transplant them to a queenless colony or make a nuc. Fat Beeman doesn't wear a veil, you should! Fat Beeman never says "it is my opinion" so take heed!
Queen Cell Transplant