Beekeeping Basics – (Formerly Fundamentals of Beekeeping)
Text covers the basics of beginning beekeeping. Information on managing parasites, pests and diseases; honey production and processing; pollination; handling beeswax; pollen trapping; and a guide to important floral sources.

Free On-line pdf version is downloaded with this link or available for $7.50 from Penn State Publication Distribution Center, 112 Ag Admin Bldg., University Park, PA 16802 Phone 814-865-6713.


Basic Beekeeping Course 


    The Basic or Beginning Beekeeping Course is designed to familiarize you with the BASICS needed to advance to higher education as far as beekeeping goes.  Of course it is not intended to be all inclusive nor all encompassing.  Beekeeping is for many a hobby, art or perhaps a profession with many different facets. Our intent is to help you on your way to a good beginning with your new hobby.

[This information can be downloaded from this link.]

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A new Master Beekeeper Program is being initiated in Virginia. Beekeepers will receive training to improve the management and productivity of their beehives. The Master Beekeepers in turn will provide an enlarged pool of experts to recruit and train beekeepers. Education is a key element of the Master Beekeeper program. Improving a beekeeper’s knowledge of apiculture improves successful management of honey bees. The Virginia plan proposes a 3 level program, Qualified/Certified/Master Beekeeper. Guidelines to the requirements for the Qualified Beekeeper level are provided in the information below or available for downloading with this link. The Master Level would be equivalent to the EAS Master Beekeeper with an added emphasis on practical beekeeping experience and service.

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