Newport News, Va

Sec. 45-518. – Accessory uses and structures customarily incidental to residential uses.

The following shall be deemed accessory:

Facilities for keeping small domesticated animals for household non-commercial use only. Such animals shall not be commercially raised or sold and kennels are prohibited. Beehives maintained as a hobby for household use and non-commercial purposes shall be allowed provided the following criteria are met:
No beehive may be placed or allowed to remain closer than three (3) feet from an adjoining property line.
No beehive may be placed or allowed to remain closer than fifty (50) feet from any house, dwelling unit, apartment, hotel, motel, office, commercial establishment, church or school with the exception of the owner’s dwelling.
No beehive may be maintained unless the owner thereof provides for or has access to an accessible and adequate water supply within fifty (50) feet of each beehive.
The incidental keeping of non-transient boarders or lodgers by the owner-resident family when only one (1) family occupies the dwelling; provided, the number of such boarders or lodgers shall not exceed two (2) persons.
A swimming pool for the use of occupants of the premises or for guests for whom no admission or membership fee is charged.


Yorktown, VA

Sec. 24.1-271. Accessory uses permitted in conjunction with residential uses.

The following accessory uses shall be permitted in conjunction with residential uses. No accessory use, activity or structure, except fences, shall be constructed or conducted until the principal use of the lot has commenced, or the construction of the principal building/structure has commenced and is thereafter diligently and continuously pursued to completion. Land uses not listed in this section and not deemed similar to a listed use pursuant to subsection (q) shall be deemed not allowed as residential accessory uses:

(g) Beekeeping provided no beehive is closer than fifty feet (50’) to any dwelling, school or church establishment and that the owner provides a supply of water for the bees within fifty feet (50′) of the hive.